Saturday, February 9, 2019


1st video of 2019! Won't be the last. A homage to my favorite genre of movie...horror. And of course that classic Killa T sound. Shot this video in one day, maybe a few hours. Got it done and edited the very next day. It was a blast having my family help in this video and feels great to be able to release some new content for yall! Be sure to share this around if you enjoyed it. With hip hop fans, horror fans, or whatever! Im just proud of this song and video! Shout out to my family who played the monsters Lil Freddy: Ruby Reagan : Miriam Jason: Miguel Leatherface : Brandyn Wolfman: Marta And my Michael Myers shirt too, dont forget that! Anyways enjoy the video and get ready for a great 2019! FREE SONG DOWNLOAD