Monday, September 17, 2018

Killa T & ROH Wrestling Superstar Flip Gordon

Some may or may not know that Killa T does the entrance theme song for Professional Wrestler, Ring of Honor Wrestling superstar & Being the Elite cast member Flip Gordon. Flip is one of the fastest rising stars in the business. So whether Flip is in an arena with 500 people, 10,000 people or on Television , the voice of Killa T accompanies him to the ring , along with the fans chanting and singing along every time!

 You can stream the song here!


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After the historic first ever ALL IN event , Flip Gordon gained acclaim from so many that night! Including fans who mentioned how they liked the theme music, and with 10,000 strong felt like a party atmosphere . Flip took notice and is now considering having Killa T play him out during an event.... possibly Madison Square Garden when ROH does its first ever show there. Flip teased the idea on Twitter!


 Listen here to how it sounds when you make an entrance in an arena filled with over 11,000 wrestling fans! Also check out the 3rd (yes 3rd) song song Ive made for Flip , which is a remix of his theme song, but for the Team of He and Brandi Rhodes. Team Friendzone. Who knows what the future has in store for the dynamic duo. Follow Flip @TheFlipGordon