Thursday, March 22, 2018

My current (1st) acting reel

The amount of work I've been able to get without a decent acting reel to this point is pretty impressive. Ive been foolishly holding out for this one movie in which I am the lead to be relased to use for my reel, but I have all these other great projects I have already worked on! So I present to you a website exclusive of my current, and 1st official acting reel.

I finally decided to stop slacking and make one after meeting a fellow Actor named Arissa Page on set of the last film I worked on "Anastasia". We sat next to eachother, chatted it up about past projects, future projects, ya know, actor stuff. Until out of no where she asks "Do you have a reel?" I say yea, I have a comedy reel. She says "let me see it, Ill show you mine if you show me yours." Never has anyone just swapped reels with me before. Hers was well made and impressive, and mine with the disclaimer only a comedy reel was what it was. She was laughing while watching it though, so at least it does it job. But after that altercation, I made sure I was ready for any future reel swaps!

I've had a comedy reel for a few years now, which I guess helped out a little bit, but now having both is way better.

Now as more projects I have worked on start to release ,I will , like a resume, have to update it, so the fact that this is the first of many incarnations is pretty cool.

My first couple drafts of this was well over 6 or 7 minutes, but after some research I saw that a solid reel is at longest 3 minutes. So I made some cuts and bring you this.