Monday, July 3, 2017

Hidden Audio Comedy Episodes "Podcast"

A lot of people may not know, but I'm a big podcast listener. A big improv comedy podcast fan. Comedy Bang Bang, With Special Guest Lauren Lapkus, Spontaneation ect. And some may know I've trained at Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in New York. But.... before I even took my first class there, I recorded some , I guess you can say "practice" attempts of an Improv comedy audio episodes aka a mini podcast. These are over a year old and are finally seeing the light of day. EXCLUSIVELY on this website.

The videos below were recorded before my training with some friends, randomly, mostly between the times of 3-5 AM. What we would do is just sit around the mic and have no idea what is coming next.

This was the last of a multi beat and seemed like multi hour freestyle session. I do remember it was around 6AM after breaking night when this beat came on , and well...this happened.

This is what you would call Character Work lol All that was said going into pressing record , was that I was gonna be DMX. 


This was the first ever "podcast" attempt. Me and Dandre. The sun was coming out at this point as we broke night, probably playing NBA 2K. All lead up to this was me pressing record.

This is when I wanted to actually make these audio recordings a series. This was recorded with my friend Nick. And all that was said prior to pressing record , was that Nick was gonna be playing a depressed Magician.

I really enjoyed doing these, and there are actually more of these recorded. But I actually would be willing to do more now that I have actual improv training. Maybe I can make a series out of it. Hope you enjoy.