Thursday, April 30, 2015

NEW SONG! "4th Quarter" Free Download

The song isn't necessarily about basketball. Its about any goal you may have. Anything you want to accomplish, you have to go hard for it! No time to waste. Treat it like its the 4th Quarter!
Killa T - 4th Quarter

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Posted by KillaT on Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What happened to the album?

Some of you may or may not know,that in 2013/14 i was working on writing and recording my 1st official album. I know I've mentioned it on social media at some point, or when my computer was down and people would ask "where you been?" I would say, "workin on this album man, dont worry"

 Its now April 2015, and still no sign of a single nor album. Ive let it be known that in 2014 my absence was due to my entire computer/studio crashing, but thats not the reason why my album is delayed. In fact I started recording the album in a professional studio, paying by the hour (which I absolutely dread, due to me being so prideful on doing everything myself. call it ego, i call it my love of actual independence)So there are actually recordings of songs off the album. Some finished, some still in sessions, some as rough drafts. I even went as far as to gather some of the collaborations. And I made sure that the features on my 1st album weren't plentiful but instead , just the biggest and most epic ones possible. I currently have in my possesion verses and hooks from some big name artist for my album, and some artist who agreed to be apart of it, never even received a track due to the delay .

 So with all that being said, the question left to answer is.... WHERE THE FUCK IS THE ALBUM?

 Well it was a conscious decision to pause on making it. After the infamous crash, I lost ALOT of momentum in the music scene. Rightfully so, I wasn't making my presence known or still relevant on social media. Instead I was wrapped in mystery , pursing acting and or just living my life as Tierre. And the fact of the matter is, with the lack of momentum and the lack of backing or resources for promo, I wasn't willing to take the chance in releasing my best life work , and have nobody hear it. I do have a distribution deal, and am still apart of hy-Town records, but both of those relationships are some what of a mystery as far as how much they would contribute in distributing and promoting my album. the distribution deal would put the songs online, iTunes, Spotify, Amazon etc... but as recent news has prevailed the artist are making pennies off of a dollar with these things. So when it drops, Ill likely put it up for distribution but will make the effort of selling it through my own source so most if not all of the actual revenue comes to me. And Hy-Town I feel is willing to put on shows to help me promote, and maybe even help press up hardcopies. But it all comes down to a plan and momentum, which I did not have after being gone for a year

. So I look at it as starting from scratch, which I am (believe or not) excited for. I LOVE being the underdog. I work better that way. And I notice the TRUE fans that are still around thorough everything. I can't thank you enough. So until the album is ready, I have a lot of work to do to get back on the top of this scene and even further. I will actively create content and drop music and projects as Ive always done until the time is right to release my lifes work in an album.

 Thanks for your patience... keep sharing, keep bumping.

 -Killa T