Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hy Town Records Making Moves

For those of you that don't know. I am apart of an underground New England Label Hy Town Records!

Just dropped a complation mixtape for their upcoming show Blazed and Confused Featuring Esham , Bizzare & Scum. One song featuring Me, Reject, Mad Maxx and B Loco called MuTu (More Underground Than You)

Also got some brand new dope shit avaiable at the store

Like brand new Steel Charms which I will be rocking at ALL of my shows.

Did I mention Shows and Tours out the ass?

May 20th (Blazed & Confused) Worcester, MA. w/ ESHAM & SCUM

June 1st (The Roxy) Denver, CO. "Scum's Album Release"

June 16th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/ Diabolic

June 17th (Junkyard) Nashua, NH. w/ Immortal Technique

June 28th (Entourage) Fall River, MA. w/ On Point Productions

July 2nd (Broadway Joe's) Buffalo, NY. w/Mars, Mastamind & KCL

July 4th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/Mars, Mastamind & K.daver

July 13th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/Boondox, Cleetus, DarkHalf

July 15th (Tamm Hall) Woosta, MA. w/Boondox, Cleetus, Dark Half

trust and believe I will be on some of these shows. and thats just what's in store at the moment. Not all news is available but  Hy-Town will still be running the underground in all 2012!

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