Monday, December 24, 2012

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! : Collab Xmas Deal!

This is a KILLATMUSIC.COM exclusive! Only those who come to the site first will see this deal before anybody else!

(Normal prices are $40 and come 2013 prices are forced to be a tad higher)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Check Yo Ego - Bloopers and Outtakes!

The contest may be over for Killa T but I sure had boat loads of fun making the videos and writing these songs! All and All a pretty good experience!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Rhyming Game With Hopsin - Killa T & Passionate MC

Just shootin the shit with Hopsin Passionate and other last night out in Prov- R.I. outside of the PVD social club. Let see if this game carries on aha

Friday, June 8, 2012

Killa T- "Check Yo Ego" The Jokerr's IDYTDM Battle Royale 2012 Semi Fina...

Here it goes, my brand new track "Check Yo Ego" For the jokerr's battle royale. In this video i go after the remaining contestants. Jay EZ , Passionate MC, n Sketchy Waze. Im expecting to see passionate in the final rounds , so i only gave him 8 bars and a skit lol. Sketchy basically threw his chances away. and Jay EZ well... Ill eat that nigga for lunch anyday. CHECK YO EGO!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Thursday, May 31, 2012

CONTEST TIME!: Merduh The Innocynce x KillaT - Where Ya Head At? CONTEST

A New Contest has emerged! where you can win the following!

1.A Colab from Me (Killa T or Merduh The Innocynce)

2.An Exclusive Beat Produced by Merduh

3.Album Feature

4.Mixtape or Album Cover Design

PLUS EXPOSURE! I Will be sharing ALL entries looking for feedback from my fans! so COME HARD!!!


Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Killa T In Dizzy Wright's New Video - Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

New Dizzy Wright Video Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. One of my favorite songs from him before I even knew he was making a video for it. When I knew I had the opportunity to get in the video you know I had to hold it down. Big shout out to Dizzy and Dame For that one!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dizzy Wright x Fate x Killa T - Keep It Movin (Official Song)

Here it is! Finally Here! Make sure when you bump this you also SHARE IT! lets make this the biggest track I've released to this day! - Killa T

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bad News TV:Rampage Skate Park (Bridgeport, CT)

Saturday May 19th me and the boys had a performance out of state in Connecticut at a skatepark! And for a exclusive we bring you some exclusive behind the scenes footage of us just messing around having some fun! No footage of our performance but still gives a good look at our night out!

So yeah, after that video I agree with you.... Imma just stick to rapping. And I've learned to ALWAYS double check our set-list CD before we leave to the venue! SMH! But the positives, we had a good time, met some new people, including my new crush Mrs.Rampage <3 , and we'll deff be back there. Much love CT! 508!!! - Killa T

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Show Date 5/19 Rampage Skate Park

Any Killa T Fans out there in Connecticut? I know i must have some... if so bring yo ass down to Bridgeport for a FREE show at the Rampage Skate Park... It'll be my first show out there so I have No idea what to expect. But I know the muhfuckas throwing it (My homies Mortal Conquest) know how to have a fucking party!

So all info is its ALL AGES... MAY 19TH... STARTS AT 8... DRINKS... 1625 RAILROAD AVE... MAN U SEE THE FLYER! Now come and show some out of state support for ya Bad News Homies!!

A Picture of how the venue (Skatepark) Looks 

Monday, May 14, 2012

T Shirt / KILLSPREE Combo!

Thanks to I can actually have available merch up right now! The first thing up and locked and loaded ready to go is the dope ass "BUMP MY SHIT" T Shirt in select colors. You can choose what colors you want but the main ones up for purchase are black and white. You can order them here at

For a Limited Time Only You can get that T Shirt for the price of 35.23.... Now the reason for the price is with that price you can get a FREE Signed Hardcopy of my CD Killspree With It! So thats probably over a $50 value!!!

This Deal won't last for ever... probaly won't last long so make sure you get your hands one this deal ASAP!  

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Hy Town Records Making Moves

For those of you that don't know. I am apart of an underground New England Label Hy Town Records!

Just dropped a complation mixtape for their upcoming show Blazed and Confused Featuring Esham , Bizzare & Scum. One song featuring Me, Reject, Mad Maxx and B Loco called MuTu (More Underground Than You)

Also got some brand new dope shit avaiable at the store

Like brand new Steel Charms which I will be rocking at ALL of my shows.

Did I mention Shows and Tours out the ass?

May 20th (Blazed & Confused) Worcester, MA. w/ ESHAM & SCUM

June 1st (The Roxy) Denver, CO. "Scum's Album Release"

June 16th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/ Diabolic

June 17th (Junkyard) Nashua, NH. w/ Immortal Technique

June 28th (Entourage) Fall River, MA. w/ On Point Productions

July 2nd (Broadway Joe's) Buffalo, NY. w/Mars, Mastamind & KCL

July 4th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/Mars, Mastamind & K.daver

July 13th (Rocko's) Manchester, NH. w/Boondox, Cleetus, DarkHalf

July 15th (Tamm Hall) Woosta, MA. w/Boondox, Cleetus, Dark Half

trust and believe I will be on some of these shows. and thats just what's in store at the moment. Not all news is available but  Hy-Town will still be running the underground in all 2012!

Go head and Add and Like The Pages On Facebook! Show Some Underground Love!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shit Unsigned Rappers Say Sequel?

I recently posted on Facebook about an idea about possibly doing a sequel of the viral video "Shit Unsigned Rappers Say'. When I posted this video, I knew it was going to be big, but it far past my expectations. When it landed on World Star Hip Hop , being shared and featured by numerous celebrities and having new die hard fans from it.

But since the video had dropped their were copies made... so if I were to do a part 2 i of course wouldn't want to recycle the same ol same and run the idea down the drain. I already have some fresh funny ideas for a sequel   but to be careful im posting this (RIGHT HERE ON KILLATMUSIC.COM ) to get some input on what you would like to see on a sequel of Shit Unsigned Rappers say part 2.

Comment with some idea's... maybe a guest appearance from a few people? who would you like to see? Cyndi Slim?... Cyrus The King? MK?... hmm anything is possible.

Anatomy - Twin Soulz (Killa T & Dizzy Dizasta)

You can call this the 1st Track thats coming off of the Killa Colabz Vol.2 Mixtape! A Sick feature from Dizzy Dizasta a fellow Worcester artist who brought the beat and the conecept and we just ripped it! Along with a pretty sick video, i can see this video being shown to a bunch of guys friend like "YO CHECK THIS SHIT OUT!"